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The Brand Literally straddling two hemispheres, Esaú Yori is a brand with headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and its creative head office in Guangzhou, China. In 2015, thanks to the investment by Garth, Esaú Yori has meticulously spent its startup phase preparing for the launch of its first collection on its own Popup Showroom at Milan and Paris Fashion Week. As a luxury brand, most of Esaú Yori’s designs are limited edition. The reason is not to appear pretentious. Rather, the limited edition concept pays tribute to the ideology of its found, Esaú Yori. This is the beginning of a new era in the fashion industry, and Esaú Yori wants be part of it. The way that people consume fashion is changing and the brand is being created mixing two important ideas: tradition and modernity. The Designer Esaú Yori embarked on his career as a designer more than 10 years ago and has come to embody an international statesman for the fashion industry. He grew up in Lima, Peru, and began his career as a creative director when he moved to the European city of Barcelona in 2000. Because of his Japanese, Italian, African and Peruvian roots, this innovative designer has the ability to elegantly blend different cultures, resulting in a clean and classic product with eclectic touches in every collection. In 2015, motivated by his passion for Asian culture, the designer moved his creative studio to Guangzhou. There he launched, together with Gavin Hill, CEO of the International Australian company Garth, his own project — Esaú Yori — as a global brand.

/ Brand Selling Point

Esaú Yori’s brand philosophy is to create timeless and luxury garments for customers who demand quality and exclusivity.