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/ Brand History

ANDRESGALLARDO is a new approach to contemporary jewelry. It all started from a selection of found porcelain figures that were reinterpreted and set into whimsical, nature- based jewelry pieces. The porcelain figures were broken into bits to be polished by hand and them re-assembled into subjective and surrealistic compositions. Andres Gallardo and Marina Casal is the duo behind the ANDRESGALLARDO brand, both studied fashion design in Madrid and have worked together for several fashion brands during the past 10 years. As a side project, in 2010 they created the first series of unique jewelry pieces intended for friends only. This limited edition caught the eye of stylists and special clients related to the arts. As the project expanded and attention grew, they established the brand in 2011. One year later, the international fair Première Classe, Paris selected ANDRESGALLARDO as one of the best new proposals in fashion jewelry.

/ Brand Selling Point

With no formal jewelry training but a love for artisanal production methods, Andres and Marina materialize their personal world of wild nature and beautiful organic shapes, intuitively, handcrafting every piece thru improvisation and meticulousness. ANDRESGALLARDO pieces balance the raw and the refined the playful and the sophisticated. Currently ANDRESGALLARDO pieces are designed from start, developed in selected run productions and unique pieces series, handcrafted in collaboration with Spanish and Portuguese artisans and recovering traditional production methods to combine fine materials with contemporary aesthetics through an artisanal process based on high quality standards. In 2013 the brand introduced leather handbags with porcelain inlays made of the finest quality, organically dyed bovine leather and manufactured in Ubrique, Spain, a location well known for its ancient tradition of leather goods.