Alter Showroom

/ Brand History

Yohan Kim Brand was first established in London in 2009. The Korea-born designer, Yohan Kim, graduated from London College of Fashion in 2007. He used to work as the designer for both Michiko Koshino women’s wear and haute couture line as early as a BA student. Not long after his graduation, Yohan Kim moved to Paris and started to work for Balmain Paris, specializing in leather wear, and later opened his own design studio in Beijing.

/ Brand Selling Point

There is always a dark sense of humor attached to Yohan’s work, playful but yet stylish.He is also aiming at exploring the ‘luxuriousness’ through his own way. Therefore, unexpected combination of textiles has been widely applied to this collection — textured leather, cashmere wool, gold embroidery, beading, printing has been all mixed in and merged with each other in harmony. His signature combines heavy details and strong structure emphasizing a special sense of sensuality and power.