Alter Showroom

/ Brand History

Edison Huang established his brand "The Owner 入戏” as a brand of International citizen. Growing up as a British Gentleman/ Enjoying Chinese Culture as Testament/ Wondering in allies of European towns/ Dressed in the utmost Fancy Gowns/ Climbing up on top of Mount Everest/ Brave enough to do so fearless / Experienced to live in the poorest city/ Versus the most luxurious holiday in Vanity He loved to adventure in tastes of living. Because his inspiration comes from Marcel Duchamp, "My Art is that of Living". The Owner, is desired to act outside traditional design templates and explore the understanding of time and space. We loved to use architectural elements to allow Glasses design in a more structural dimension. Our beauty in craftsmanship enhance the brand to communicate with our history in China's Industrial Revolution. The Owner brings the exotic experience of Edison Huang's in design evolution proudly crafted in China

/ Brand Selling Point

As Shakespeare described all the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. Most of us playing different parts in our life and still looking for the final answer of our destiny. The Owner uphold this idea with coordinated worldwide artists, designers and creative people together to create a legend. The Owner is a brand connect with time , space, objects and emotion for everyone to find out the meaning of life, meanwhile show the best part of themselves to the world. Eyewear is the first product of THE OWNER brand. We traveled all over the world to find the unique materials, to create the special product.