Alter Showroom

/ Brand History

Having been working in the knitwear fashion industry for a long while, Roku recognised there is a enormous chance for her to develop into a premium knitwear brand which brings to the retail world some fashionable knitwear pieces instead of just pieces for keeping you warmth. Roku debut the Spring Summer collection in 2013 in Paris and from there , since then Roku has the privilege to get into some most leading premium select stores all over the world.

/ Brand Selling Point

A Roku girl is always on-the-go. She delivers a very unique elegant mix of coolness. Her eclectic style can be exquisitely feminine or unisex at the same time. Her stylish beam is always radiated from her self-confidence. Yet she understands quality wardrobe and self-identity is what makes her glow. Roku kick-off every season with the "The Missing Piece" in mind. Roku believes when the Roku girl finds the missing piece from Roku, they will treasure them for a long time because of the quality and the unique style.