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Your business never sleeps. Available 24/7 to give retailers the flexibility to place orders anytime anywhere.

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Free membership and no subscription fees. Brands represented by ALTER SHOWROOM have full access to the entire platform enabling them to get all required information without any financial limitations.

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Collection Showcase

You get to showcase your current and previous collections and you’re your brand profile, building your brand’s awareness. Moreover, you can invite your clients to join your online showroom, so they get notified of any collection updates etc. and engage your clients with B2B actions.

Expand your network

Open new accounts with hundreds of local retailers at your fingertips. ALTER SHOWROOM assures you that all retailers have been verified and are the best in the industry.

Generate Orders

Our retailers have access 24/7 to the online showroom, simplifying browsing linesheets and lookbooks, as well as placing orders and reordering. Selecting styles and colors has never been so easy. We are keen to smoothen the digital wholesale experience for your clients and yourself. The mobile/tablet version enables the user to place orders at any time and place.

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Chinese Version

Unlike otherB2B Platforms, we provide a complete Chinese version of the website, reaching every single buyers of the country and making their buying session and order process as smooth as possible.

Save heaps of time

Drastically reduce order time, as ALTER SHOWROOM ensures efficiency in all aspects of the ordering process. By offering a platform on which all requested information can be found within 3 clicks, you can work in an efficient and timely organized manner.

Reduce costs

By using ALTER SHOWROOM you will minimize your costs. With access to all information of the designer brands which ALTER SHOWROOM represents, you don’t have to print any lookbook or linesheet anymore.